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01.23.2019 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

How to Build a Lifestyle Brand Around an Ecommerce Site

It’s a major undertaking to build a lifestyle brand that truly resonates with and inspires your target audience. It’s another thing entirely to build an ecommerce site which reflects your brand, provides a seamless customer experience, drives revenue – and keeps customers coming back for more. We...

01.21.2019 | Digital | Website | Guest Author: Kevin Conner

The Hidden Cost of Business Websites

  Contrary to popular opinion, running an effective business website can be quite costly. While the barrier-to-entry for a basic, bare-bones website may not be too hard on the wallet, advanced features like ecommerce modules and enhanced functionality often cost significantly more. In fact, the...

05.16.2018 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

The E-Commerce Buyer’s Journey and a Successful Online User Experience

From window shopping to browser windows, more consumers are shifting their purchase power away from brick-and-mortar stores in favor of e-commerce options. Even though hitting the mall can mean time with friends, the comfort of shopping online in sweatpants and fuzzy slippers is hard to resist....

04.18.2018 | Website | Jenni Breeze

The Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

With over a billion mobile users worldwide, it’s no big surprise that web traffic from mobile devices has increased significantly. But, the importance of having a mobile-friendly website becomes even more compelling when you realize that worldwide mobile traffic actually exceeded traffic derived...

04.11.2018 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

3 Common Challenges for B2B Marketers and How to Combat Them

If you’re a B2B marketer, you likely experience some of the common challenges that I often talk with business leaders about. What’s your plan to address and overcome them? There are three challenges that seem to be the most common. Let's dive into each one and learn how to combat them. 

03.14.2018 | Website | Brandee Johnson

5 Reasons Your Website is Losing Traffic

We see a lot of great websites experience declining traffic stats. It’s perplexing -- and, quite bothersome. For some, the problem starts gradually and gets worse steadily. Others are perfectly fine one day; but, disaster seems to hit the next.

01.31.2018 | Website | Brandee Johnson

How to Use Growth-driven Design to Optimize Your Outdated Website

Until recently, website design/redesign has been a dreaded, necessary evil. The three- to four-month process is expensive, cumbersome and outputs a site that sucks up your entire budget, all at once. All of this effort and expense often result in the discovery that your site visitors aren’t...

12.20.2017 | Website | Brandee Johnson

The Role of SEO In An Inbound Marketing Strategy

  As a marketer you know the importance of a great company website. You may know how important SEO is earning search engine ranking and making it easy for prospects and customers to find you online. What you may not know, is how SEO fits into a broader inbound marketing strategy. Let's look at this.

10.25.2017 | Digital | Website | Guest Author: Phil Singleton

5 Highly Effective Off-Page SEO Tactics that Still Work

With more than 6 billion Google searches every day, search engine optimization is as important as ever.  In fact “Googling” has become a fundamental part of the modern purchase process.  After you get your website setup and optimized (i.e. on-page SEO), you’ll need to continually work on off-page...