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05.22.2019 | Brand | Website | Brandee Johnson

How to Build an Ecommerce Site Around a Lifestyle Brand

It’s a major undertaking to build a lifestyle brand that truly resonates with and inspires your target audience. It’s another thing entirely to build an ecommerce site which reflects your brand, provides a seamless customer experience, drives revenue – and keeps customers coming back for more.

05.08.2019 | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Logo Design Packages - What's Right for Your Brand?

A simple Google search for logo designs will return a bunch of results for companies and individuals who can design you a quick, cheap logo. That definitely has its place, but if you’re looking for something that goes deeper than that and takes your branding as a whole into consideration, it’s...

04.17.2019 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Video | Brandee Johnson

How (and Where) to Distribute Video Content

It’s tempting to spend lots of time and energy (and budget) on creating video content, but the reality is that even if you have a great video, you need to get it in front of your target audience. How do you do increase views on your videos?  By making sure you maximize all your distribution...

04.03.2019 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Video | Brandee Johnson

Get More from Your Video Content Marketing

How can I get a better return on my video content marketing? We hear this question often as we talk to marketers. A lot of time, thought and resource goes into planning and producing a marketing video so it's important to leverage that content to get the most possible impact from it. This blog post...

03.20.2019 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Video | Brandee Johnson

What Types of Marketing Videos Work Best for Lifestyle Brands?

Creating marketing video content is a science - yes, you want your videos to look good, be entertaining, interesting, beautiful, funny, inspiring, etc. - but they have to have a purpose and a goal otherwise your time, effort and budget go nowhere. This is no less true for lifestyle brand video...

03.06.2019 | Digital | Brand | Video | Brandee Johnson

4 Marketing Videos Every Brand Should Have

Four marketing videos, is that all? Well, no…but the benefit of having these four at the core of your video marketing arsenal is that they cover some critical stages of your customer journey: awareness, consideration, decision and advocacy.  We probably don’t need to tell you that video marketing...

02.06.2019 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

How to Sell a Lifestyle

A lifestyle brand typically produces great quality products – but it isn’t really the products they are selling. They are selling the lifestyle you could have if you purchase their products. And that’s exactly what helps them to sell more. So how do you sell a lifestyle? Take Tim Ferriss, for...

01.16.2019 | Brand | Strategy | Guest Author: Patrick Foster

5 Captivating Stories You Can Tell About Your Brand

In today’s economic marketplace, a business without a compelling brand is at a catastrophic disadvantage. Rich with options from 24/7 internet access, individuals and companies alike can make snap judgments about any given business, knowing that they’ll be able to find other businesses doing...

12.12.2018 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Influencer Marketing for Lifestyle Brands

Influencer marketing can be a particularly successful channel for lifestyle brands, whose aim is to symbolize the aspirations and values of their target audience. Lifestyle brands want to create a brand subculture and become part of their consumers’ way of life, and this can be more achievable...