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10.15.2018 | Digital Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Brand Development | Guest Author: Jock Purtle

The Pros and Profits of Working With a Marketing Agency

  Marketing has and always will be a core function of any business. It’s one thing to have a great product, but it’s quite another to get this product in front of people and sell it. So as you might expect, marketing is a rather complex and difficult thing to do well, which leads many companies to...

10.03.2018 | Brand Development | Brandee Johnson

Why We’re Rebranding LimeLight Marketing & When Businesses Should Consider a Rebrand

I started this LimeLight agency journey three years ago. When we first started, my goal was to build a creative marketing agency which would create new jobs, and grow both the companies we work with and also the people who work at LimeLight. I am super proud to say that three years on, this is...

09.19.2018 | Marketing Strategy | Digital Marketing | Brandee Johnson

Selling Your Stuff: Marketing or Advertising? Both, and Here’s Why

Marketing and advertising have the same end goal: to get more of your products and services into the hands of more customers. I’m sure this explains why the two concepts are often used interchangeably.  

09.05.2018 | Digital Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Why Having A Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy Is So Important

As a long-time marketer, I have used strategies and tactics that were once absolute must-dos, only to see them fade out of existence – QR codes – or worse, become detrimental – keyword stuffing, for example.   Something that has been a constant is word of mouth marketing, and I can’t see that...

08.23.2018 | Digital Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Brandee Johnson

How to Utilize Social Media to Humanize your Brand

I am often asked “How do I build my brand, sell my product, and grow my audience simultaneously?” Aside from shamelessly plugging my hardworking team, my advice is usually to start with trust. In a sea of options, you need to give your target market a reason to choose you over the other guy. I...

08.08.2018 | Digital Marketing | Video Marketing | Brandee Johnson

4 Ways You Can Use Video Marketing to Bring Your Brand to Life

This topic is important, so I’ll get right to the point -- if video marketing isn’t one of the latest additions to your marketing toolbox, you’re falling behind the eight ball on one of the most versatile and results-producing tactics available with content marketing strategies. That said, the key...

07.25.2018 | Career Development | Jenni Breeze

What Marketers Can Learn From Sandler Rules For Sales Leaders

When asked to read The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders, I thought, “this is only for sales leaders, right?” But I added it to my reading list and read it from a marketer’s perspective. Low and behold, many of the forty-seven rules applied to my job as a marketing strategist and leader in a small...

07.11.2018 | Brand Development | Marketing Strategy | Brandee Johnson

3 Reasons to Make Your Brand a Key Part of Your Marketing Mix

As a small business owner myself—and a marketing agency at that—I know a solid marketing plan is an essential part of generating sales and increasing revenue. However, what might be less obvious to business owners is the critical role a company’s brand plays within the marketing mix.

06.27.2018 | Brand Development | Marketing Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Branding vs. Marketing: Their Strategic Connection is a Key to Success

When I conduct a quick brainstorm on the differences between branding and marketing I see a clear distinction between the two, however I can’t overlook the way they work together and the importance of building a strategy which depicts that, as Frank Sinatra would say, “you can’t have one without...