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05.22.2019 | Brand | Website | Brandee Johnson

How to Build an Ecommerce Site Around a Lifestyle Brand

It’s a major undertaking to build a lifestyle brand that truly resonates with and inspires your target audience. It’s another thing entirely to build an ecommerce site which reflects your brand, provides a seamless customer experience, drives revenue – and keeps customers coming back for more.

05.08.2019 | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Logo Design Packages - What's Right for Your Brand?

A simple Google search for logo designs will return a bunch of results for companies and individuals who can design you a quick, cheap logo. That definitely has its place, but if you’re looking for something that goes deeper than that and takes your branding as a whole into consideration, it’s...

04.17.2019 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Video | Brandee Johnson

How (and Where) to Distribute Video Content

It’s tempting to spend lots of time and energy (and budget) on creating video content, but the reality is that even if you have a great video, you need to get it in front of your target audience. How do you do increase views on your videos?  By making sure you maximize all your distribution...

04.03.2019 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Video | Brandee Johnson

Get More from Your Video Content Marketing

How can I get a better return on my video content marketing? We hear this question often as we talk to marketers. A lot of time, thought and resource goes into planning and producing a marketing video so it's important to leverage that content to get the most possible impact from it. This blog post...

03.20.2019 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Video | Brandee Johnson

What Types of Marketing Videos Work Best for Lifestyle Brands?

Creating marketing video content is a science - yes, you want your videos to look good, be entertaining, interesting, beautiful, funny, inspiring, etc. - but they have to have a purpose and a goal otherwise your time, effort and budget go nowhere. This is no less true for lifestyle brand video...

03.06.2019 | Digital | Brand | Video | Brandee Johnson

4 Marketing Videos Every Brand Should Have

Four marketing videos, is that all? Well, no…but the benefit of having these four at the core of your video marketing arsenal is that they cover some critical stages of your customer journey: awareness, consideration, decision and advocacy.  We probably don’t need to tell you that video marketing...

02.20.2019 | Digital | Strategy | Video | Brandee Johnson

How to Maximize the Value of Your Video Content

oVideo marketing is becoming ever more important and is proven to be one of the most successful ways to drive traffic, boost conversion rates and increase ROI. You also have a lot of different options for how to use video content, keeping your marketing activity fresh, engaging, relevant and...

02.06.2019 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

How to Sell a Lifestyle

A lifestyle brand typically produces great quality products – but it isn’t really the products they are selling. They are selling the lifestyle you could have if you purchase their products. And that’s exactly what helps them to sell more. So how do you sell a lifestyle? Take Tim Ferriss, for...

01.23.2019 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

How to Build a Lifestyle Brand Around an Ecommerce Site

It’s a major undertaking to build a lifestyle brand that truly resonates with and inspires your target audience. It’s another thing entirely to build an ecommerce site which reflects your brand, provides a seamless customer experience, drives revenue – and keeps customers coming back for more. We...

01.21.2019 | Digital | Website | Guest Author: Kevin Conner

The Hidden Cost of Business Websites

  Contrary to popular opinion, running an effective business website can be quite costly. While the barrier-to-entry for a basic, bare-bones website may not be too hard on the wallet, advanced features like ecommerce modules and enhanced functionality often cost significantly more. In fact, the...

01.16.2019 | Brand | Strategy | Guest Author: Patrick Foster

5 Captivating Stories You Can Tell About Your Brand

In today’s economic marketplace, a business without a compelling brand is at a catastrophic disadvantage. Rich with options from 24/7 internet access, individuals and companies alike can make snap judgments about any given business, knowing that they’ll be able to find other businesses doing...

01.09.2019 | Digital | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Social Media Marketing for Lifestyle Brands

Social media platforms have provided marketing teams from companies of all shapes, age, sizes and industries the power to run successful, finance-friendly marketing campaigns. With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you don’t need a million-dollar budget – but you do need creativity and to know your...

01.02.2019 | Career Development | Emilia Cardenas

A LimeLight Marketing Internship

  As a college student, I know the concepts I’m learning in the classroom are only a starting point to developing my career. The addition of an effective work experience while in college is the perfect gateway to a highly competitive workforce. The key is to find the right job opportunity, one in...

12.12.2018 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Influencer Marketing for Lifestyle Brands

Influencer marketing can be a particularly successful channel for lifestyle brands, whose aim is to symbolize the aspirations and values of their target audience. Lifestyle brands want to create a brand subculture and become part of their consumers’ way of life, and this can be more achievable...

12.05.2018 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

What is Influencer Marketing & Why Does it Work?

Influencer marketing is a hot topic, but it’s not a new one. It's hot right now because marketers have so many channels at their disposal which play to the strengths of influencer marketing – social media, YouTube, and blogging for example. It’s also a powerful alternative to traditional...

11.28.2018 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Guest Author: Michael Deane

How to Harness the Power of AI to Craft Better Marketing Campaigns

If you’re anything like I used to be, you find AI both entrancing and a little bit scary. While we’re becoming increasingly familiar with its presence in our day-to-day lives (virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri being just one example), many digital marketers are still unsure about how AI can...

11.14.2018 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Why is User-Generated Content so Important?

Content is still reigning supreme amongst marketers – and no wonder, given how useful it can be for customers and how powerful it can be for advancing your website up the search engine rankings.

10.24.2018 | Digital | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

How to Set Your 2019 Marketing Budget

It’s the time of year (already!) to start thinking about your marketing budget for 2019. During the last quarter of each year, marketing teams create new tactical plans and update strategic marketing plans. Planning in this way means you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve – and how...

10.15.2018 | Digital | Brand | Strategy | Guest Author: Jock Purtle

The Pros and Profits of Working With a Marketing Agency

  Marketing has and always will be a core function of any business. It’s one thing to have a great product, but it’s quite another to get this product in front of people and sell it. So as you might expect, marketing is a rather complex and difficult thing to do well, which leads many companies to...

10.03.2018 | Brand | Brandee Johnson

Why We’re Rebranding LimeLight Marketing & When Businesses Should Consider a Rebrand

I started this LimeLight agency journey three years ago. When we first started, my goal was to build a creative marketing agency which would create new jobs, and grow both the companies we work with and also the people who work at LimeLight. I am super proud to say that three years on, this is...

09.19.2018 | Digital | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Selling Your Stuff: Marketing or Advertising? Both, and Here’s Why

Marketing and advertising have the same end goal: to get more of your products and services into the hands of more customers. I’m sure this explains why the two concepts are often used interchangeably.  

09.05.2018 | Digital | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Why Having A Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy Is So Important

As a long-time marketer, I have used strategies and tactics that were once absolute must-dos, only to see them fade out of existence – QR codes – or worse, become detrimental – keyword stuffing, for example.   Something that has been a constant is word of mouth marketing, and I can’t see that...

08.23.2018 | Digital | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

How to Utilize Social Media to Humanize your Brand

I am often asked “How do I build my brand, sell my product, and grow my audience simultaneously?” Aside from shamelessly plugging my hardworking team, my advice is usually to start with trust. In a sea of options, you need to give your target market a reason to choose you over the other guy. I...

08.08.2018 | Digital | Video | Brandee Johnson

4 Ways You Can Use Video Marketing to Bring Your Brand to Life

This topic is important, so I’ll get right to the point -- if video marketing isn’t one of the latest additions to your marketing toolbox, you’re falling behind the eight ball on one of the most versatile and results-producing tactics available with content marketing strategies. That said, the key...

07.25.2018 | Career Development | Jenni Breeze

What Marketers Can Learn From Sandler Rules For Sales Leaders

When asked to read The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders, I thought, “this is only for sales leaders, right?” But I added it to my reading list and read it from a marketer’s perspective. Low and behold, many of the forty-seven rules applied to my job as a marketing strategist and leader in a small...

07.11.2018 | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

3 Reasons to Make Your Brand a Key Part of Your Marketing Mix

As a small business owner myself—and a marketing agency at that—I know a solid marketing plan is an essential part of generating sales and increasing revenue. However, what might be less obvious to business owners is the critical role a company’s brand plays within the marketing mix.

06.27.2018 | Brand | Strategy | Brandee Johnson

Branding vs. Marketing: Their Strategic Connection is a Key to Success

When I conduct a quick brainstorm on the differences between branding and marketing I see a clear distinction between the two, however I can’t overlook the way they work together and the importance of building a strategy which depicts that, as Frank Sinatra would say, “you can’t have one without...

06.13.2018 | Brandee Johnson

8 Ways To Grow Your Career And Get Your Next Promotion

As the owner of a small business, a marketing agency, and growing company, it’s important to help prospective and current team members understand what it takes to grow their careers here at LimeLight.

05.16.2018 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

The E-Commerce Buyer’s Journey and a Successful Online User Experience

From window shopping to browser windows, more consumers are shifting their purchase power away from brick-and-mortar stores in favor of e-commerce options. Even though hitting the mall can mean time with friends, the comfort of shopping online in sweatpants and fuzzy slippers is hard to resist....

05.08.2018 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Social Media Marketing Myths: Don’t be Misled

Social media can be a tricky game. If you’ve been chasing tips and following every “best practice” that you come across, you may be led down a rabbit hole that leaves you unsuccessful. While it is a good thing to be constantly researching trends, changes and best practices for your social media...

04.18.2018 | Website | Jenni Breeze

The Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

With over a billion mobile users worldwide, it’s no big surprise that web traffic from mobile devices has increased significantly. But, the importance of having a mobile-friendly website becomes even more compelling when you realize that worldwide mobile traffic actually exceeded traffic derived...

04.11.2018 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

3 Common Challenges for B2B Marketers and How to Combat Them

If you’re a B2B marketer, you likely experience some of the common challenges that I often talk with business leaders about. What’s your plan to address and overcome them? There are three challenges that seem to be the most common. Let's dive into each one and learn how to combat them. 

04.04.2018 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Demand for Video is Higher Than Ever: Why to Invest in Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best ways to create awareness, build an audience, and drive people to your website. In addition to yielding high click and conversion rates, videos offer an engaging way to share your brand story beyond words.

03.28.2018 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

How to Grow Your Business’ Instagram Following: 9 Tactics That Actually Work

To be relevant and reach people today, having a presence on social media is not optional. Your potential customers are on social media, so you need to have an active presence where you engage and connect with people on social media. Instagram is a social media powerhouse, with 800 million users...

03.21.2018 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing: What’s The Difference And How Do They Work Together?

We all know what inbound marketing is. And we all know what content marketing is...right? The two are closely related and the difference may be hard to spot. While both use some of the same tactics to accomplish a goal, there is a defining difference. We’re going to clear things up and layout the...

03.14.2018 | Website | Brandee Johnson

5 Reasons Your Website is Losing Traffic

We see a lot of great websites experience declining traffic stats. It’s perplexing -- and, quite bothersome. For some, the problem starts gradually and gets worse steadily. Others are perfectly fine one day; but, disaster seems to hit the next.

03.07.2018 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

What’s Holding You Back: Digital Marketing That’s Hindering You From Creating New Leads and Customers

The buyer journey is smarter and more consumer-impowered than it ever has been in the past. When people can have real-time information about anything they can think of right in the palm of their hands within seconds, the buyer journey is no longer linear. It’s controlled by them.

02.21.2018 | Brandee Johnson

How To Maximize the Value of Trade Show Leads

If your company relies heavily on trade shows to find new leads and reinforce existing relationships, you realize that it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to do it well.

02.14.2018 | Brand | Brandee Johnson

What Should Be In Your Brand Guide?

Moment of truth: as a marketer, have you ever been confused about what a brand framework really is and how you would go about creating one for your company? If so, you're not alone!

02.06.2018 | Digital | Brand | Brandee Johnson

How Marketers Can Learn From Super Bowl Ads

Over 100 million people tune in each year to watch the biggest game in professional football. But let’s be honest,  many just tune in to watch the commercials. Marketers know that and every year they have to tune into what’s going on in the world, channel creativity, and put out their very best...

01.31.2018 | Website | Brandee Johnson

How to Use Growth-driven Design to Optimize Your Outdated Website

Until recently, website design/redesign has been a dreaded, necessary evil. The three- to four-month process is expensive, cumbersome and outputs a site that sucks up your entire budget, all at once. All of this effort and expense often result in the discovery that your site visitors aren’t...

01.24.2018 | Brand | Brandee Johnson

LimeLight Marketing President Awarded 2018 Women of Distinction

The owner and president of LimeLight Marketing, Brandee Johnson was recently honored by the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce as one of the 2018 Women of Distinction. Women chosen for this award were considered based on their community involvement, professional achievement and volunteer service.

12.20.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Four Social Media Trends to Be On Top of in 2018

Social media is a constantly changing field, which means marketers must always be ahead of the game when it comes to utilizing these tools. Use these four tips to shape your social media marketing techniques in 2018.

12.20.2017 | Website | Brandee Johnson

The Role of SEO In An Inbound Marketing Strategy

  As a marketer you know the importance of a great company website. You may know how important SEO is earning search engine ranking and making it easy for prospects and customers to find you online. What you may not know, is how SEO fits into a broader inbound marketing strategy. Let's look at this.

12.08.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Content Audit: A Hard And Necessary Step Toward Lead Generation

We all know that content on our websites and social media is what drives traffic, generates leads, and ultimately grows our business. And lucky for us, producing content is easier than ever. Technology enables quick in-house video production. Blogs enable everyone to be a writer, so hiring someone...

11.15.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

7 things to consider before you launch a social media campaign

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and on and on. Social media - so many channels so little time. And it keeps changing. If you are like a lot of marketers and business owners, you know that you need to have a presence on social media. Right?

11.08.2017 | Digital | Brand | Brandee Johnson

Writing Purpose-Driven Content

Leads and traffic. Traffic and leads. It’s all about traffic and leads. We know what you’re up to – you’re trying to get more people to visit your site, and you want those visitors to convert to leads.

11.01.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Planning your marketing budget… have you allocated funds for a digital strategy?

It’s the fourth quarter of the fiscal year and that typically means planning your budget for next year. The marketing strategy and budget play a major role in the planning process. Does your current budget support what is needed for an effective digital marketing strategy?

10.25.2017 | Digital | Website | Guest Author: Phil Singleton

5 Highly Effective Off-Page SEO Tactics that Still Work

With more than 6 billion Google searches every day, search engine optimization is as important as ever.  In fact “Googling” has become a fundamental part of the modern purchase process.  After you get your website setup and optimized (i.e. on-page SEO), you’ll need to continually work on off-page...

10.18.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Does a Marketing Team Need a Marketing Agency?

Prior to founding LimeLight Marketing, I was a Senior Marketing Manager for LEGO® Education North America. Working for the world's #1 ranked brand, and a marketing powerhouse at that, was an exciting venture and I learned a lot through that experience. One valuable insight I gained was...

10.11.2017 | Digital | Brand | Brandee Johnson

Go Deep! Add Depth to Your Blog Content

Adding depth to your digital content isn’t rocket science, but it’s also not something you can do overnight. It takes thought, a bit of time, and a plan to ensure it’s effective and nets the results you want to achieve. Here are some tips to get you started. 

10.04.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Marketing Strategy Before Tactics

I regularly talk to clients who are eager to get started on their marketing efforts. During our first consultation, they are already anticipating the email campaign, social media posts or other actions we will take to help them earn brand recognition, generate leads or simply build up their...

09.27.2017 | Digital | Brand | Brandee Johnson

How To Build A Case For Increasing Your Video Marketing Budget

Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about your product that read about it. (Animoto)

09.20.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Taking The Leap: From Corporate America to Starting a Boutique Marketing Agency

Looking back in life, it’s hard to remember a time before I was intrigued by the world of business. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a home of entrepreneurial parents, or maybe it’s just innately in my DNA, but I’ve always been inspired by business and by effective leaders. Last summer, after 15...

09.13.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

4 Reasons Why Your Content Isn't Converting Potential Customers

It’s Monday morning and you are getting ready to present your content marketing strategy for the following month.  Are you ready to energize your team with the leads you’ve generated from your inbound marketing? If your Monday morning marketing meeting is causing you stress on Sunday afternoon you...

09.06.2017 | Website | Brandee Johnson

10 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Lead Generation Program

Lead generation is a buzz word that simply means stimulating interest and capturing information from people who are interested in the product or service you sell - thus creating a sales pipeline for your marketing and sales teams.

08.30.2017 | Digital | Jenni Breeze

Using Google for Inspiration

Best websites ever. We’ve all typed that in Google, right? Every time I begin a new website project, I spend time researching and scouring the web for inspiration and ideas. With the amount of content available online, a marketer would be crazy not to utilize Google to see what people have already...

08.23.2017 | Digital | Jenni Breeze

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words -- But, What About Video?

As the internet gets faster and our smartphones get smarter, video is quickly becoming the preferred content for website traffic. Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research, even goes as far to say, “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”  

08.09.2017 | Website | Jenni Breeze

Making Your Website Effective

The digital space is similar to a physical building in the way it needs to be marketed. Imagine for a second that you were the owner of a retail store (perhaps you are, in which case this will be an easy analogy!). You opened your business a week ago, but have told no one. There are no signs...

08.02.2017 | Brand | Jenni Breeze

The 3 Key Steps to Writing Your Brand Story

One of the most important elements of a company’s marketing plan is the brand story. Targeted, purposeful brand presence is at the heart of every great brand and every memorable brand experience. Understanding what makes a brand or product unique, and how it answers real and perceived customer...

07.25.2017 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

4 Tips to Optimize the Value of Your Website

Is your website your #1 Marketer and Sales Rep? If not, maybe it’s time to put it on a performance improvement plan!

07.20.2017 | Digital | Jenni Breeze

LimeLight Marketing Inbound Marketing Packages: What’s Included

Many of our clients come to us very familiar about traditional marketing tactics - TV commercials, advertisements, etc. - and curious about a new marketing strategy they’ve heard or read about calling inbound marketing.

07.12.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

3 Common Challenges of Marketing a Startup & How to Solve Them

Ask the founder of any startup company and they can likely relate to the feeling of jumping out of an airplane and assembling their parachute on the way down. It takes a whole lot of guts, grit and faith that you'll figure it all out before you hit the ground. And while they probably had a general...

07.07.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for Banks and Financial Institutions

Before you begin the journey of creating a digital marketing strategy for your financial institution, you must make sure you have laid the right foundation for success. For this, there are two main components: Budget and Time (or Expertise).

07.05.2017 | Brand | Jenni Breeze

Go For It: How to Make the Progress Your Company Needs

As the marketing director, business owner or anyone responsible for marketing a business, you are likely faced with hundreds of decisions daily. It can be overwhelming! And, it’s common for each decision to stall progress along the way.

06.28.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Understanding the Customer Journey

It’s 8:00 on a hot summer night, and you have a sudden urge for ice cream. You know what I’m talking about; the awareness that you really, really want a cool treat at that exact moment. So, off you go (spouse, children, or friends in tow) to the nearest shop. Walking in, you are greeted by a...

06.21.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Clear as Mud: Making Sense of Marketing Key Performance Indicators

Identifying your key performance indicators (KPIs) is the easy part when it comes to evaluating and assessing your marketing strategies. However, when it’s time to decipher the information you can get from them -- yep, it’s clear as mud for many clients.

06.14.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

5 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Marketing Agency

Does your company have customers coming to you in masses eager and excited to buy whatever it is you have to sell them?  If not, welcome into the club of business leaders who face the same challenge as you!

06.07.2017 | Brand | Brandee Johnson

Employer Branding: Attracting and Retaining Your Best Company Assets

In a world full of competition and opportunity, attracting and retaining the best talent requires more than a good product and a little bit of luck. Why do college graduates and experienced professionals alike, aspire to land a job at companies like Google or Apple? How did Salesforce create a...

05.31.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Is Your Marketing Budget An Expense or An Investment?

How do you define your marketing budget? Do you view it as a business expense or an investment? The way in which you define it affects how you make decisions.

05.23.2017 | Brand | Brandee Johnson

Why Visual Storytelling is Important in Marketing

Often times when asked about the company, representatives immediately dive into product and service details without first telling the listener about the company itself. Why does the company exist? What problems do people have that your product or service solves?

05.17.2017 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

Understand SEO to Improve Your Ranking

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? In it’s simplest terms, search engine optimization (SEO), is making your website be found organically (non-paid) when people search online for keywords that are relevant to your business. As an example, if you’re a local bakery, you probably want your...

05.03.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Marketing Agency

Are you considering hiring a marketing agency to lead your marketing efforts or to work with your current marketing team to grow your company? If so, you may find these 5 questions helpful in the selection process.

03.22.2017 | Brand | Brandee Johnson

The Importance of a Brand Style Guide

  In simple terms, a style guide is a document that is used to reference when designing for a company. Do you think designers just magically know the exact colors, font, and tone you use? NOPE. A style guide is the key to maintaining consistent self-presentation across all marketing materials...

03.15.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Using Content Marketing to Attract Your Ideal buyers

Content marketing is a marketing tactic that focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience. The goal of it is to attract new customers. At LimeLight, we focus on high-quality content that will set our clients apart from competition and helps generate leads for...

03.07.2017 | Website | Brandee Johnson

LimeLight Marketing Selected for City of Pittsburg Website Redesign

  City Website Redesign Kicks Off Earlier this year, LimeLight Marketing was selected by the City of Pittsburg to redesign the City’s website. Founded in 2015 by Brandee Johnson, LimeLight Marketing focuses on website strategy, digital marketing, and brand development for companies, universities,...

03.01.2017 | Website | Brandee Johnson

Using SEO to Generate Online Leads

In today’s world, approximately 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. If your brand doesn’t show up in the search results, you’re going to miss out on many opportunities to attract customers. Through working with many LimeLight Marketing clients, I’ve discovered that many...

02.14.2017 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

How to Write Buyer Personas

Buyer personas, also called customer personas, are the first step in designing an inbound content marketing program,  and can significantly help align your sales and marketing teams on whom they are marketing and selling to.

02.10.2017 | Brandee Johnson

How Brands Used the Super Bowl for Digital Marketing

I think we can all agree on one common fact of Super Bowl advertising: it's expensive. A 30-second commerical during the Super Bowl this year sold for an average of $5 million. That's about $166,000 per second.  To some brands, that is pocket change. To other brands, that is a few years or more of...

02.08.2017 | Brand | Brandee Johnson

The Evolution of Logo Design

  Why do you think that companies like to change their logo identity or branding? Most of the time, it is because companies want to keep up with new logo design trends as they develop to avoid falling behind their current or emerging competitors.   It may be that a company has decided to undergo a...

01.17.2017 | Website | Brandee Johnson

Is Your Website Aligned with Google?

Being found online has become critical to any business from a local, national and global level. Regardless of where your target audience lives, they go online to search for information, products and services. When it comes to what websites show up in search results, Google controls the landscape...

01.11.2017 | Website | Brandee Johnson

How To Generate More Leads On Your Website

I work with mid-size business leaders on a daily basis helping them build and execute marketing programs to generate more leads for their B2B company. A common challenge we discuss is a lack of leads generated from their website.

12.28.2016 | Digital | Jenni Breeze

Marketing Trends To Look For in 2017

In 2016, we've seen the emergence of some really great trends (hello, video) and the exit of some awful ones (good riddens, pop up ads on mobile browsers). As a team, we keep a pulse on marketing trends that we use to keep  our clients ahead of the curve. Below are the 2017 marketing trends that...

12.21.2016 | Brand | Brandee Johnson

4 Reasons Why Good Logo Design is Important

  Logos are the chief visual component of a company's overall brand identity. For that reason, a well-designed logo can contribute to business success, while a substandard logo can imply amateurishness and turn off potential customers. Your company logo should appear on everything from letterhead...

12.14.2016 | Website | Brandee Johnson

5 Signs That Your Website is Outdated

In today's day and age, it is rare that a business does not have a website. However, it is not as rare that a business has an outdated website. We live in a world where consumers want to find what they're looking for as quickly and easily as possible. If your business wants to satisfy the modern...

11.30.2016 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

How To Keep Up With Google: Insight From INBOUND 2016

A couple of weeks ago I attended the INBOUND conference hosted by HubSpot in Boston. Along with 18,000 fellow marketers, I soaked up some great insight on the latest trends and technologies in the marketing world. As promised, I'm sharing a recap from a few of the sessions in this blog series:...

11.16.2016 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

How To Upcycle Your Content For Maximum Mileage: Insight From INBOUND 2016

Last week I hit the skies and flew into Boston for a 4 day INBOUND conference hosted by HubSpot. As hard as it was to break out of the office for a full week, the sessions and keynote speakers were so great that proved well worth the game of catch-up this week. For those of you who didn't attend...

11.04.2016 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

A Little Learning Goes a Long Way

I feel that you shouldn't ever stop learning. Though I've spent much of my career in marketing, I know that I still have a lot left to learn. I place high value on professional development opportunities, because they help individuals keep pace within their industries, maintain and enhance their...

10.12.2016 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

How to Create an Inbound Marketing Plan

What does it take to craft a high performing inbound marketing program? To do it right, it takes efficiency in content writing, search engine optimization, social media, conversion rate optimization, website design, pay-per-click and email marketing. 

10.04.2016 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

LimeLight Marketing Celebrates 1 Year in Business

I am thrilled to announce the completion of our first year of business! Thanks to our great clients, partners, colleagues, family and friends, today we celebrate our one year anniversary. Thank you to all of you who have encouraged us, supported us and believed in our work.

09.21.2016 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

The Modern Buyer's Journey Requires the Inbound Marketing Methodology

Today's B2B buyers are up to 75% through the buyer's journey before they reach out to a salesperson.  For most sales people, that's pretty tough to embrace,. But the truth is, buyers today aren't reliant on a company employee to learn about your products or services. With a quick Google search,...

09.14.2016 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

5 Ways to Use Inbound Marketing to Generate Leads

Throughout my years in the workforce,  I've always been one of those people who could be considered overly passionate about my career. Early on, just out of college, I remember being signficantly driven by the desire to grow within a company, to climb the ladder, make more money, and to prove to...

09.07.2016 | Digital | Website | Brandee Johnson

Optimize Your Company Blog For Lead Generation in 3 Simple Steps

If your company has a blog, you likely understand the value that blogging can offer in terms of increasing your authority as a thought leader in your industry, gaining SEO ranking and providing a reason for your target buyers to engage and re-engage with you. Blogging can and should also be a...

08.31.2016 | Digital | Jenni Breeze

4 Social Media Posts Customers Want You to Stop Posting

Social media belongs to the masses. From Facebook to YouTube, Instagram to Snapchat, social networks function on user-generated content by the everyday person. In this unique environment, brands have the ability to engage with customers on an equal playing field. The benefits of social media for...

08.24.2016 | Brand | Brandee Johnson

4 Tips for Logo Use to Ensure Your Brand Gets Recognized

Your logo is the face of your company. It introduces your brand, sets a precedent for the company’s personality, and provides a visual for the public to recognize and make a connection with. For small and mid-sized businesses that lack a substantial advertising budget, it takes some intention to...

05.18.2016 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Part 2: Why Inbound Marketing is Necessary for your StartUp

Now that you understand what inbound marketing is and why it’s a critical component of the marketing strategy for your startup, we’ll help you understand the tools you need to get started, how to estimate cost, begin setting expectations, and measuring success.

05.04.2016 | Digital | Brandee Johnson

Part 1: Why Inbound Marketing is Necessary for Your Startup

Many new businesses have a plethora of things to worry about when launching their new product or service. They have sales, marketing, operations, finance, and maybe even internal human resources challenges to tackle.