5 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Marketing Agency

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Brandee Johnson
Brandee Johnson
Brandee Johnson
Brandee Johnson

Does your company have customers coming to you in masses eager and excited to buy whatever it is you have to sell them?  If not, welcome into the club of business leaders who face the same challenge as you!

As a business, you need customers — it’s that simple. Yet getting those customers is often one of the biggest challenges businesses face. It’s generally not for lack of trying, but the task is difficult, time consuming and increasingly competitive.

Your business probably has great products or services, but nobody is going to ask to buy them from you if they don’t know who you are, what you do, why your product or service will benefit them and why it’s better than other alternatives. To communicate those messages effectively, you need a well designed and executed marketing plan.

Many businesses understand the importance of a strategic marketing plan, but fewer understand what it really is and how to execute one. If your business wants to thrive and grow, you have three basic marketing options: hire a multi-talented marketing team internally, hire a professional marketing agency, or do a combination of the above.


5 reasons to consider hiring a marketing agency:

#1: You lack professional marketing talent or time.

Your marketing plan shouldn’t sit on the back burner until you have time for it, and it isn’t a task to farm out to a resource on your team who has another job title and may not be a trained marketer. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to do your electric work, so don’t rely on your sales team or administrative assistant to run your marketing plan. If you lack time or expertise, a marketing agency can be a good fit for you.

#2: You want to stay relevant with today’s trends and technologies.

Unless you are investing in ongoing professional development to keep your team on top of new marketing trends, it’s likely that you’re not taking advantage of many marketing technologies such as marketing automation and retargeting. LimeLight Marketing attends and speaks at national marketing conferences to stay on top of the industry. The right agency brings experts with knowledge of current trends, tools, and strategies that will improve your bottom line and grow your company.


#3: You need an outside-in look at your marketing.

It’s natural to use an inside-out approach. After all, you love your products and services, so you might think who better than to promote them than someone responsible for creating, delivering, or selling them. Sometimes it’s better to get an outside-in perspective that an agency can offer. Someone who isn’t so closely connected to your brand and who can bring fresh ideas that originate from the perspective of the customer — after all, that’s who you’re attempting to sell to, right?


#4: You want the broad talents of a marketing team without the salaries and benefits.

To develop and execute a great marketing plan, you’ll need talent ranging from developing your strategy, to designing your marketing plan, to writing, creative design and the list goes on. Many businesses simply can’t hire all of that talent and it’s a chore to farm it out to multiple freelancers, or worse yet, assign it to someone who is unqualified. Hiring a marketing agency gives your business access to the talents needed to make your marketing  world class without absorbing the fully loaded compensation packages.




#5: Your current marketing strategy (or lack thereof) isn’t working.

When your current plan isn’t generating the demand or creating customers to take your business to the next level, getting a qualified set of eyes to help with strategy and execution can be pivotal.

If any of these resonate with your business, we’d love to talk to you! Give LimeLight Marketing a call at 620-308-6998 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation!

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Brandee Johnson

Brandee Johnson

Brandee Johnson is an avid marketing expert with a passion for helping businesses achieve growth through data-driven marketing programs. She believes in building marketing systems and starting with strategy before tactics.