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5 Highly Effective Off-Page SEO Tactics That Still Work

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With more than 6 billion Google searches every day, search engine optimization is as important as ever.  In fact “Googling” has become a fundamental part of the modern purchase process.  After you get your website setup and optimized (i.e. on-page SEO), you’ll need to continually work on off-page SEO to achieve and maintain high organic search engine visibility. Off-page SEO relates to all the activities that you do outside of your website that contribute to search engine rankings. Many forms of off-page SEO have lost their potency – but here are five off-page SEO tactics that really work…if you focus on quality, authority and relevance.


Guest blogging is a great way to extend your brand exposure and to deepen your connection with your target audience. This post, in fact, is a perfect example of a guest blog post. Guest blog posting lets you get high quality, organic links back to your site, which will boost your SEO over time. More inbound links are almost like an endorsement from the Internet, and are still a heavily weighted search engine ranking factor.

Don’t just guest blog anywhere though. In fact, there are many professional guest posting outreach services that can help you with a strategic guest blogging campaign. Make sure the sites that you choose are consistent with your brand and help you get more in touch with your niche, and is less likely to be perceived as “spammy” by Google. And most importantlyyou also need to make sure that your guest post provides top notch info for the publishing website’s audience.

2.  Podcast Guesting

This is a content marketing technique similar to guest blogging, where you get booked on podcasts as a guest. Podcast guesting may be one of the most powerful digital marketing tactics to date because there are tons of podcast SEO benefits including organic backlinks, social media exposure, and personal branding and authority building that comes along with it.  Boost SEO and expand your visibility by reaching out to shows that offer for the opportunity to guest podcast. Like with guest blogging, you are expanding your reach and offering additional value to niche audiences chockful of your ideal clients.


You can improve your SEO results (especially local SEO) by increasing your company citations on various websites across the web. A citation is a reference to your company that includes your company’s name, address and phone number - and often, but not necessarily, your website address. This is one factor that Google uses to rank your website, much like with backlinks. However, with citations, you don’t actually need to the backlinks to improve your ranking. Just like with guest blogging, citations only really help with SEO if they are accurate and if they are coming from top citation and directory websites.

4. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is when you identify dead pages on relevant third party websites. You contact the webmaster at the company in question and suggest that they replace the dead link to a page on your website. The catch? You need to edit – or create – a page on your site that is worthy of being a replacement link.

This is beneficial both to you and to the webmaster. You’ve identified dead content and alerted them so that they can improve their site. You are also increasing your presence online, which will improve your visibility on SEO.

How to find these broken links and these niche sites? SEO industry website Moz has a broken link building guide, but it all starts with keyword research.

5.The Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique, created by a well known SEO industry expert, is a process to convert content into quality backlinks. To employ this technique, you research content on other sites relevant to your niche market. You essentially re-purpose this content by providing a different angle (i.e., new stats, new graphics, expanding on the points, etc.).Once you’ve placed your own spin on the content, you reach out the webmasters of the sites that you’ve sourced and try to get them to link out to your site.

This is effective because you are taking advantage of quality content that exists already because there is a demand. You are also using an existing audience, so you don’t have to create new “buzz” to excite and engage readers. Google has already highly ranked these sites that you’ve discovered, so you can leverage the ranking potential as well by getting these backlinks.

SEO is key component of a holistic digital marketing plan, and it can’t be ignored if you want your company to achieve its high growth potential.  Be sure to work on some, if not all, of the above off-page search engine optimization tactics to get more traffic, leads and sales from your website.


Guest Author: Phil Singleton

Guest Author: Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton is a web designer, an SEO expert and an award winning author. Since 2005, Phil and his team have been providing search engine friendly website development at and and search engine optimization services at In 2016, Phil co-wrote, SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs, an Amazon bestseller that has been named a top marketing book by Forbes, Mashable, Oracle, The Huffington Post and Inc. magazine.